Papers are invited for the annual national conference of the South African Association of Language Teachers, to be presented from Wednesday 04 to Friday 06 July, 2001, by the Department of English and Classical Culture, and the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of the Free State.


The theme of the conference is “Challenges of the 21st Century: 2001 and beyond”. The idea is to provide a forum for researchers, language teachers and language practitioners to present and debate issues relevant to the challenges that face language teaching in the 21st Century. However, the theme is only a suggestion intended to stimulate ideas - papers on other topics will be welcome.


Provision will be made for academic papers and panel discussions.

Academic papers:

20 minutes will be allocated for the reading of a paper and 10 minutes for discussion. As in the past, parallel sessions will be organized so that papers on related topics can be grouped together. Proposals for papers should be sent to:  Prof. W.J. Greyling

Department of English & Classical Culture

9300 Bloemfontein

or by E-mail or by fax to: 051-4013528

Proposals must include an abstract of not more than 200 words for publication in the conference programme. Your submission should include the following information: Title of the paper; your particulars (initials and surname), your address, telephone number, e-mail address, and fax number, as well as the abstract of 200 words. This abstract should briefly indicate the paper’s aim, perspective and findings, and must be submitted and received by Friday 27 April 2001 at the above-mentioned address.

Panel discussions: Proposals for panel discussions will be most welcome.

Details on the UOFS and SAALT web pages: The Second Call for Papers will soon be sent out by snail-mail and e-mail, and will also appear on the UOFS and SAALT web pages. Details such as guest speaker(s), parking, conference venue, conference registration and fees, as well as accommodation, will be included. The web addresses will appear on the second call for papers.

For inquiries, contact:

Willfred Greyling Tel: (051) 4013269 e-mail:

Patsy Fourie Tel: (051) 4012275 e-mail: