ASILE 2001
SAALT 2001
ALL Language World Conference & Exhibition
AFMLTA National Conference
FIPLV World Congress 2003

Conference Calendar

ASILE 2001

Sixth National Conference Of The Australian Society Of Indonesian Language Educators

The University Of Melbourne 4-6 July 2001

Understanding the Language is the Path to the People's Hearts

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Ms Nani Pollard Phone:
Ms Lily DjajamihardjaPhone:

SAALT 2001



Papers are invited for the annual national conference of the South African Association of Language Teachers, to be presented from Wednesday 04 to Friday 06 July, 2001, by the Department of English and Classical Culture, and the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of the Free State.

For inquiries, contact
Willfred Greyling :
Patsy Fourie :

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ALL Language World Conference & Exhibition

April 6-8 2001

UMIST, Manchester, UK

Association for Language Learning, 150 Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HN, UK email:

AFMLTA National Conference

July 7-10 2001

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Conference Secretariat, AFMLTA Conference 2001, PO Box 201, Deakin West, ACT 2600, Australia;
email: or

21st FIPLV World Conference 2003

12 – 16 April 

Information: Bert Bartelds, E-mail:

FIPLV World Conference 2003

De Vereniging van Leraren in Levende Talen is eveneens lid van de Féderation Internationale des Professeurs des Langues Vivantes, de internationale overkoepelende organisatie van docenten in moderne vreemde talen. In 2003 zal onze vereniging het wereldcongres van de FIPLV organiseren in het Nederlands Congres Centrum in Den Haag.

21st FIPLV World Conference 2003

Vereniging van Leraren in Levende Talen (VLLT), the Dutch Associaton of Languages Teachers, is a member association of FIPLV, the World Federation of Modern Language Associations. In 2003 VLLT will be organising the FIPLV World Congress in the Nederlands Congres Centrum in The Hague, Netherlands.

Congress Calendar


18-20 January                    21st Annual Thailand TESOL International Conference. Theme: The Power of Practice in Bangkok. Information: Suchada Nimmannit, E-mail:

23-25 January                    7th  EFL Skills Conference. Theme: Integrating EFL Skills: Teaching, Management and Technology for the Future. Venue: Cairo, Egypt. Information: The EFL Skills Conference Committee, English Studies Division/CACE (Mail 209). The American University in Cairo. P.O. Box 2511, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: + 202/357-6871. Email: EFLSKILL@AUCEGYPT.EDU

26-28 January                    ESP Special Interest Group/ VHS Bielefeld Workshop Conference. Theme: English for Occupational Purposes (EOP): What is It and How Can It be Taught? Methods, Contents, Materials. Venue: Bielefeld, Germany. Information: ESPSIG Event Coordinator’s Office, c/o JWH Ridder, MA, Beethovenstr. 5, D-33604 Bielefeld/Germany; Tel: + 49 (0) 521/5212440; Fax: +49 (0) 521/66209; E-mail:

31 January – 2 February  III Encuentro de Traductores e Intérpretes Iberoamericanos y Caribeňos. Venue: La Habana, Cuba. Information: Cecilia Infante Guerrero, Presidente del Comité Organizador, Tel.: + 53 (7) 32 9838; Fax: + 53 (7) 33 3441; E-mail:

15-17 February                  Bilkent University School of English Language Conference. Theme: Challenge and Creativity in Teaching Beginners. Venue: Turkey. Information: Tulin Bakiler, E-mail:

23-24 February                  The British Council’s Conference. Theme: Best of British ELT. Venue: Mexico. Information: Rosalia Valero, Fax: 00 52 5263 1960: E-mail:

24-27 February                  AAAL Conference. Venue: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Information: Richard Young, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Email:

25-27 February                  ESP Special Interest Group Workshop Conference. Theme: Common threads and differences between ‘Business English’ and ‘English for Special Purposes’”. Venue: Volkshochschule der Stadt Bielefeld, Information: J. Wolfgang H. Ridder, Fachbereich Sprachen, Ravensberger Park 1, D-33607 Bielefeld, Germany; Tel.: + 49 (09) 521/51-2331, Fax: +49 (0) 521/51-3431; E-mail:

27 February–3 March      35th TESOL. Theme: Gateway to the Future. Venue: Saint Louis, Missouri USA. Information: TESOL-Central Office, 1600 Cameron St. Suite 300, Va 22314-2751 Alexandria USA, Email:info@tesol-edu

1 March                             Fortbildungsseminar. Thema: Mit allen Sinnen eine fremdsprache effektiver lernen. Venue: Freie Universität, Berlin. Information: Prof. Dr Ludger Schiffler, FU Berlin, Didaktik der romanischen Sprachen und Literature, Habelschwerdter Allee 45, D-14195 Berlin.

10-11 March                      TESOL Greece’s 22nd Annual Convention. Theme: The Power of Language. Venue: Athens, Greece. Information: Eleni Giannopoulou, TESOL Greece Office, 40-42 Mikras Asias Str. 115 27 Athens, Greece; Tel: + 01 7488450

23-25 March                      2nd International Conference. Theme: Contrastive Rhetoric. Venue: The American University in Cairo. Information: Email:

24-25 March                      LMS Sprakdagar. Theme: Sprak bygger broar. Venue: Gävle, Sweden. Information: Britte-Louise Wiberg; Tel: + 026 18 99 26; Fax: + 026 51 72 16; Email:

27 – 31 March                   34th International IATEFL Annual Conference. Venue: Dublin, Ireland. Information: IATEFL, 3 Kingsdown Chambers, Whitstable, CT5 2 FL, UK; Tel.: + 44 (0)1227 276528; Fax: +44 (0)1227 274414; Email:

29-31 March                      3rd International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature. Venue: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany. Information: E-mail:;

29 March – 2 April           9th SEAL International Conference 2001. Theme: Opening Minds. Venue: The King’s School, Cantenbury, Kent, UK. Information: Conference Managers, 37 Park Hall Road, East Finchley, London N2 9PT, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 8883 3445; Fax: + 44 (0)20 8444 0339; Email:

30 March – 1 April           TESOL-Spain’s 24th Annual Convention. Theme: A Quest for Teacher Development. Venue: Universisdad de Sevilla, Seville. Information: Tammi Santana, E-mail:

6-8 April                             ALL Language World Conference & Exhibition.Venue: UMIST, Manchester, UK. Information: Association for Language Learning, 150 Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HN, UK. Email:

17 - 21 April                       35th International Annual IATEFL Conference. Venue: Brighton Conference Centre. Information:  IATEFL 3 Kingsdown Chambers, Whitstable, CT5 2FL, UK; Tel: + 44 (0)1227 276528: Fax: + 44 (0)1227 274415; E-mail:

23 – 25 April                      III Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación. Venue: Beunos Aires, Argentina. Información: Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Telefax: +54 11 4371 8616; E-mail:

26 April                              SATE 2001. Theme: Information and Communication Technology: Its Relevance to Language Learning. Venue: Saudi Arabia. Information: Sayed Abdel Hamid, Fax: 00 966 2 6800808, E-mail:

27 – 29 April                      33rd Poznań Linguistic Meeting.  Theme: Challenges for linguistics in the 21st Century. Venue: School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. Information: PLM 2001, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Collegium Novum, al. Niepodległości 4, 61-874 Poznań, Poland; Tel: + 48 61/ 829-35-06; Fax: +48 61/ 829-35-05; Email:

24 – 26 May                      14th International Conference on Foreign and Second Language Acquisition. Venue: Szczyrk, Poland. Information: Institute of English, University of Silesia, ul. Żytnia 10, 41-205 Sosnowiec, Poland; Tel/fax: + 48 32/ 291 74 17: Email:

25 -  27 May                      IATEFL East 2001 and the 10th Bulgaria Conference.  Venue: Plovdiv International Fair, Bulgaria. Information: George Geshev, E-mail:

June/July                           South African Association of Language Teaching (SAALT). Information: Wilfred Greyling, E-mail:

4-6 July                              6th National Conference of the Australian Society of Indonesian Language Educators. Theme: Understanding the Language Is the Path to the People’s Hearts. Venue: The University of Melbourne. Information: Prof. Arief Budiman, Phone: (061 - 3) 8344 6650; Fax: (061-3) 9349 3472; E-mail: ; Ms Lily Djajamihardja, Phone: (061-3) 9684 6700; Fax: (061-3) 9690 6842; E-mail:

4-6 July                              VII. Internationale Tandem-Tage. Thema: Für viele Sprachen sensibel – Tandem. Venue: České Budejovice, Tschechien. Information: Gaudeo CB, Trebizského 1010, CZ-37006 Česke Budejovice; Fax: ++ 42 038 7 41 01 51; E-mail:

5-7 July                              The Association of Language Testers in Europe’s Conference. Theme: European Year of Languages. Venue: Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona., Spain. Information: ALTE Secretariat, Fax: + 44 1223 553036; E-mail:

7-10 July                            AFMLTA National Conference. Theme: Languages Our Common Wealth. Venue: Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Information: Conference Secretariat, AFMLTA Conference 2001, PO Box 201, Deakin West, ACT 2600, Australia, e-mail:

30 July - 4 August            XII. Internationale Tagung der Deutschlehrerinnen un Deutschlehrer (IDT). Thema: Mehr Sprache – mehrsprachig – mit Deutsch. Didaktische und politische Perspektiven.  Venue: Luzern, Schweitz. Information: Tagungssekretariat: wbz cps, Bruchstrasse 9a, Postfach, 6000 Luzern, Schweitz; Tel.: 041 2 49 99 11; Fax: 041 2 40 00 79; E-mail:

28-31 August                    34th SLE  Meeting. Theme: Language Study in Europe at the Turn of the Millennium. Towards the integration of cognitive, historical and cultural approaches to language. Venue: Leuven, Belgium. Information: Bert Cornillie, SLE Meeting 2001, Department Longud’stiek, Blijde – Inkomststraat 21, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium. Phone: 00 3216 324765; Fax: 00 3216 324767; E-mail:

31 August – 1 Sept.         IATEFL Teacher Trainers and Global Issues SIGs. Theme: Incorporating Global Issues in Teacher Training Programmes: Contents, Methods, Materials. Venue: Bielefeld, Germany. Information: Christine Tilley, E-mail:

26-28 September               3rd CER – FIPLV Conference. Theme: European Year of Languages: European Integration - Intercultural Communication – Foreign Language Teaching.  Venue: Poznań, Adam Mickiewicz University. Information: Prof. Teresa Siek-Piskozub, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Al. Niepodległości 4, PL-61-874 Poznań, Poland. Fax: + 48 (0) 61 829 35 05,  E-mail:


16-21 December                13th World Congress of Applied Linguistics. Venue: Singapore. Information: Anne Pakir, E-mail:


12 – 16 April                      21st FIPLV World Congress. Venue: The Hague, Netherlands. Information: Bert Bartelds, E-mail: